The Double Headed Man

There was a man who had two heads, one to the front and the other to the back. Every time he started to walk forward, the head at the back described what he saw around. The head at the front used to look backward to ensure what the other head said was correct and the man often fell into potholes. It happened for a long time. One day, the head at the back was sleeping when he started to walk. Suddenly he realised that he is now walking at a very fast pace and he did not fall into any pothole. He walked into a shop and bought a cap which blocked the vision of his back head. Ever since, he never fell into any pothole and always reached his destination quicker and easier.

(epilogue: A man needs to learn from his past, but anyone who always stares at his past can neither see his future nor live in the present)

(image Courtesy:- Google)

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