The Best is Yet to Come

My body is wounded and soul bleeding
Pain is tingling in my spirit
I could hear a mumbling voice
The best is yet to come.

The stars are shining and moon is smiling
My past is pocking my future
There I am; calm and helpless in the present
The best is yet to come.

Don’t you have ears to heed my cry? Don’t you see my tears?
Oh! My soul, the world is full of darkness and
It is staring at my present to hunt my future down
The best is yet to come.

Plants are green but they can dry
Body strong but it can decay
The night has come and light is gone but
The best is yet to come.

I can hear my voice trembling
Hands are numb and legs are heavy
Shattered thoughts and weeping sighs yet
The best is yet to come.

There I come in cotton trousers
A wheel in hand to run my way,
My heart is ponding for my friend
The best is yet to come.

Come my friend and hug me tight
Kiss my forehead and take my hand
I feel proud that you’re my friend
The best is yet to come.


Athira Rajkamal said...

wow....incredible lines Binoy...insightful and philosophical...

monica malik said...

The hope for the best to come and to hold on until it really does...beautiful

Binoy Thomas said...

Thank you for the visit.

Binoy Thomas said...

Yes It is not easy to wait. Thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...


You have a way with words. You must do the song writing course from It's free. The next cycle would start next month. You'll love it. All the best.


Binoy Thomas said...

Thank you. I will.