Losing Friendship

It is often thought by one of the friends that ‘the other may not like to be disturbed’ and so we don’t call, or sms.

Even after a few sms, when the other does not respond or receive the call, we think ‘the other doesn’t like to be disturbed’ and we to stop call and sms.

Often we are too busy that we don’t respond well to the call of our friends and they understand it as ‘you don’t like to be disturbed by them’ and they stop calling and messaging.

One day we find that we badly need the help of the other person and call or sms, we find “they don’t like to be disturbed” as well. Remember it is not their fault because you gave the message to them that “you don’t like to be disturbed by stupid friends like them”.

Friendship is not an ATM to look for only if we need help but it is vegetable field where we nourish the plants throughout the year and take the fruits as and when they produce.

If we only go to collect the fruits, we will know that even the plant is not found there.

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Shilpa Chandrasekheran said...

Agree !! It's a vegetable field .