Is Life Fair?!

Life is Beautiful.
This is a sentence we tell ourselves when we are happy, motivated, energetic and enthusiastic. But is Life beautiful only when we feel good or all the times?
I feel life is like a three-dimension object. We can see only that face of the Life which is turned towards us. That does not mean it has only one face.
Life is just neutral. It is we who interpret it to be positive or negative, good or bad, beautiful or ugly, etc.
Therefore it is our line of thought that is important.
Have no judgement.
Take life as it comes.
Try to understand the neutral aspect of every event that happens.

Life will be fine.


monica malik said...

That's not easy, you know? To convince ourselves that probably we are yet to see the good phase. The darker side engulfs us so much that one ends up believing that nothing is probably worth after all..
I mean, you are right, we believe what we see but it's difficult to see the other happy side is what I feel.

Binoy Thomas said...

That is called hope. We all move on just because of that. The moment we feel that nothing brighter can ever come to our life, we will end our life.

But I agree with you. It is not easy.

Thanks for the thought. It is very genuine.