The Parent in You

Children are the best investment one can have. But to make it worth investing, we need to invest the best and the most valuable thing we have i.e. TIME.

It is better to present your child a toy car for Rs.100/- and join him to play with it than gifting him a BMW and never bother even to see what he does with it.

Time is life. Giving your children your time means giving them your life and be sure you will get it back in hundred folds.

If your child is not able to play with you, not able to make mistakes, not allowed to experiment with his life, not able to learn new things-which you may feel unnecessary, not able to shout at you, not able to get an apology from you when you go wrong, never expect them back either now or in future.

Your child is a not you he/she has a different destiny. Support him/her to choose it and live his/her life. They will make mistakes-as they should. But appreciate their calibre to try new things. Guide them and be a mender for them. Never a policeman.

When your child knows even if he/she makes a mistake, you will be by his/her side, be sure they will ever be your side even after you are gone from this world.

I can’t be you, you can’t be me and we can’t be them. Understand it and accept them. Then you will experience that Heaven is Here and Now.

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