A Rainy Night In The Forest. Part-7

The best quality of a human being is that he will do anything and everything if he wants to ...

Then things moved fast. A few more joined us. Two drivers took a bundle of rope each, but they were too thin to use. One of us said he had seen a bundle of thick new plastic rope in a pickup behind the line. We went and asked him for it. The one who had noticed it did not know the pickup driver’s language and so I asked him for it. Though he was reluctant at first, we convinced him and bought it for the price he demanded. Two choppers were brought and started cutting the branches down. In about 30 minutes the tree was cut into two pieces. We tied the rope to each piece and pulled it to each side of the road with the help of a truck. As the tree was moved aside, I was the one to cross it first and go ahead. I was on a motorcycle at the front.  It was already 10 O’clock when I reached my office. As I explained the situation I was in I was spared form Loss of Payment.

We are all cooperative, sympathetic, innovative, motivating, etc human beings. But the pace, at which we move, is blinding us from all these beauties of life. Like a traveller in a fast train, we miss the beautiful flowers we pass through and look at the rocky hills at the distance. If we can take the stairs instead of lift, take a walk instead of our car, count the stars instead of our salary/profit, smile at a child instead of shouting at the subordinates, share food with a hungry instead of stuffing the fast food, we really LIVE OUR LIFE.

It is to LIVE, not to watch it slipping away in the busy schedules we have created for ourselves.