A Rainy Night In The Forest. Part-6

“What do you want?” was a milder question than I expected.
“There is a tree fallen across the road in the middle of the forest.”
“Where exactly is it?” He asked again.
“It is near to the Hanuman Temple.”
“Where has the tree fallen from? Top or bottom? “
“It has fallen across the road.” I did not understand how the direction of the fall matters, but still I said, “It has fallen from bottom to top.”
“Then you have to inform the other office. It is their jurisdiction.” And he went in.
I felt foolish to trust the government offices. I turned and walked back to the tea shop.
“What did they tell?” They were curious. “They told to inform the other office.” Is what I said to them. “Can you inform them?” I asked the Maruthi vala.
“Yes I will.” He readily accepted. I walked to my motorcycle and started back to the scene at the middle of the forest.
They had started cutting down the tree when I reached them.
“Did you inform them? What did they tell you? Are they coming?” All were hopeful that help will be coming soon. Because they forgot they are in India.
“I don’t think they will be coming. They are blaming the responsibility on each other.”
“Oh God!” Exclaimed one. “Let us see what we can do.” came the voice of an optimist from the crowd.

(to be continued.)


monica malik said...

I don't understand, why couldn't the people present there could take off the goddamn tree, how difficult could it be for so many people waiting there... why always wait for the admin?

Binoy Thomas said...

That is what human nature is. We always think - let the other do. Which is surely not a good attitude, I agree.