A Rainy Night In The Forest. Part-5

There were only two customers in the tea shop. Both of them had just arrived in a Maruthi car. I entered the shop after them.
“A hot hot tea.” I yelled at the shop owner who was trying to make something in the kitchen. I doubted if he heard me but opted to wait as the other two also seemed waiting.
“The road is blocked in the middle of the forest.” I informed my co-customers.
“Is it? Where exactly?”
“In the middle of the forest. Whom should we inform?” I asked.
“You need to inform the forest office right over there.” Showed the shop owner as he was coming with the tea.”
“Okay. Thank you.”
I drank the tea in a sip and felt better. It felt the tea was a bit cold due to the shiver and cold I was going through.
I paid him and walked towards the forest office. I could not see anybody at the front. It looked more like a residence than an office.
“Is anybody there?” I shouted. No response. But I could see somebody through the window. He was mixing something, probably preparing his breakfast.
“Is anybody there?” I yelled even louder.
“Yes” came a reply from inside and out came a young man in dhothi.
(to be continued.)


monica malik said...

Young man in dhoti.......:D :D :D I hope ab ye kaam ka admi ho..:P

Binoy Thomas said...

The story happens in India. Wait and watch..... :D