A Rainy Night In The Forest. Part-4

“There is a lot of fog on the way. Still I shall try.” Said I.

I had no choice. If I didn’t reach my office before 10 o’clock, I would lose a day’s salary. I turned my bike around and started back to inform the check post. I could not go far. I had to turn back as the fog was too much that I could not see the road.

The Innova vala asked seeing me back, “Did you inform them?”

“No. I could not go. I have no fog light on my bike.” I showed my irritation.

Another half-an-hour passed. Now many have come out and started passing comments on what to do next.

‘It is better I try going once more. I can have a cup of hot tea too, which will warm me up.’ I thought. I turned my bike around for a second time and headed towards the check post.

The Sun was up and the fog had subsided. On the way I saw some vehicles hurrying past me. “Go, go. Go fast and wait there.” I told them in my mind.

There is a tea shop before the check post. I had started to shiver. "Better have the tea first." I thought and entered the tea shop.


Sangay Phuntsho said...

So, with sky cleared and sun bright above, you're out of block.

Binoy Thomas said...

Not yet. The tree is still waiting there to be cut and brought aside...