A Rainy Night In The Forest. Part-3

As it was getting colder due to the increasing rain, I thought I need to have a shelter from the rain. I slowly approached the pickup van and asked the driver.
“Shall I sit here for a while? It has started to rain heavily.”
“I am sorry. The seat will get wet.” Answered the driver.
“I will sit only at this corner.”
I tried to persuade him. But he nodded a “NO”.
I just smiled and moved to the jeep behind. There were a few people inside so I thought better not to ask. Then next was a truck. I knocked the door. No response. I knocked louder. The response was the same. Then I banged at the door and understood ‘it is easy to wake a sleeping man up than the one who pretends sleeping.’
I smiled and moved on and thought of the basic human nature – selfishness. We speak a lot about selflessness. But most often, when it comes to us, all of us are selfish, one way or the other. Sometimes we help a poor. But if we look inside, we can see that it is for others to see that we are helping in nature or to be blessed by God for the good deed we do. We love others so that others love us or not to be hated by them.
Slowly, the Sun was showing his face and so were the people in different vehicles on both the sides of the block. I asked a person who has just showed up.
“Has anyone informed the check post?”
“The people at the other side might have.” He answered.
Another typical nature of humans - ‘I have no time for that. Let him do it.’
I climbed over the tree and jumped to the other side and enquired.
The answer was, “I have not. They might have.”
I crossed back to my side and said to those who were standing there. “Nobody has informed at the check post.”
One gentleman took his apple phone out and lifted up for signal and said, “There is no coverage here or else I would have called up and informed.” Obviously, there is no chance we can get coverage for any network in the middle of the forest.
Another person who came in an Innova said to himself so innocently, “If somebody who has a motorcycle could go and inform them...” Poor fellow. It’s a bad luck that Innova has no reverse gear!

(to be continued.)


monica malik said...

lol...:P somebody on the bike must have been really annoyed and irritated at the innova vala guy..:P
you are right about selflessness though, we all at one point or the other are selfish ..:)
waiting to read the continuation,...:)

Binoy Thomas said...

:) You are right. It irritated the bike vala... We are all human beings. lol....

Sangay Phuntsho said...

In one or other way, every human being is selfish. The nature of human being. The extent of selfishness matters; little or more. Drenched and none providing a helping hand in dire need. Selfish.

Binoy Thomas said...

You are right Sangay. We need to be a little selfish but not to the extend that we ignore others.