A Rainy Night In The Forest Part-1

It was a rainy night. Was it a coincidence that I decided to return on that night? Might not be. It was a night on a rainy season. No wonder, the days and nights are rainy.

I found it hard to open my eyes as I am used to getting up late in the morning. I got ready and had a cup of black tea. I usually don’t have black tea or coffee. But it is necessary now as it is a rainy night. I need it to keep my body warm.

I got my vehicle out of the garage. You are mistaken. It is not a BMW or a Benz. It is a Bajaj Platina, an eight-year-old motorcycle. My first and the only vehicle I ever had.

As I had filled enough petrol the previous day, I started it confidently and waved good bye to my sweetheart. Kids were asleep and will know that I am gone only in the morning. It was drizzling. I had my rain coat on. I slowly moved into a memorable night.

 (to be continued...) 


monica malik said...

hope the day unfolded as an interesting one.....waiting to read what happened next..:)

Binoy Thomas said...

Thank you for the interest shown. It is coming...