A Rainy Night In The Forest. Part-2

As it was only 4 O’clock in the morning, there was nobody on the road. I was finding it difficult as the drizzle was blocking my vision. I have to cross a forest on my way. It is at the boarder of Kerala and Karnataka. It measures around 40 km through the thick forest with many hairpin curves. As I entered the forest, it started to rain heavily. I drove slowly through the rain s I had no choice.

Two cars over took me splashing the rain water on me. I started feeling cold. After a few kilometers, the rain stopped. But I could not speed up. The mist was blocking the way. I could hardly see a few meters. I drove dead slow and continued. When I reached the middle of the forest, I saw a line of vehicles. I just overtook them and went ahead. I could not go far. The road was blocked by a big tree which fell across the road. I couldn’t even see the other side, partially due to the thickness of the leaves of the fallen tree and partially the darkness. The first vehicle on the line was a pick-up van.

I asked the driver, “When did you reach here?”

“Around 5 O’clock”, he answered.

I looked at my watch. It showed 5.30 in the morning. The rain started again.

(to be continued.)


deeps said...

thats some imagination coming along...
keep going

Anonymous said...

cant wait to see what happens next :-)

and hey thanks for that wonderful comment on my blog when i was away.....keep smiling!

monica malik said...

nothing beats early morning rides, the freshness of the cool breeze is just overwhelming....:D :D
waiting for the next part....:)