Losing Friendship

It is often thought by one of the friends that ‘the other may not like to be disturbed’ and so we don’t call, or sms.

Even after a few sms, when the other does not respond or receive the call, we think ‘the other doesn’t like to be disturbed’ and we to stop call and sms.

Often we are too busy that we don’t respond well to the call of our friends and they understand it as ‘you don’t like to be disturbed by them’ and they stop calling and messaging.

One day we find that we badly need the help of the other person and call or sms, we find “they don’t like to be disturbed” as well. Remember it is not their fault because you gave the message to them that “you don’t like to be disturbed by stupid friends like them”.

Friendship is not an ATM to look for only if we need help but it is vegetable field where we nourish the plants throughout the year and take the fruits as and when they produce.

If we only go to collect the fruits, we will know that even the plant is not found there.

Have a life for yourself

We often have a life with a busy schedule. We are almost always occupied.

I challenge you to review your day. Take each word you spoke and every action of yours and see what or whom those actions and words stand for. May be for your boss or institution you work for, or your friend, or your colleague, or your customer, etc.

Out of the many words you spoke how many of them were about you which make you a better person or feel your worth, or something which make you feel worth living and working. How many actions made you proud of yourself? What you did directly for your benefit or that of those loving ones of your family?

We always say 'think of others'. 'Think of them in their shoes'. But my question is...

If we don't think for ourselves who will?

If we don't speak for ourselves who will?

If we don't act for ourselves who will?

God said, "love thy neighbour as thyself". We need to love ourselves first in order to love others. We need to feed our stomach to get energy to feed others. We need to feel good about ourselves to feel good about others.

So stop now and say to yourself " I love you not for 'what you are' but for 'who you are' ". Buy yourself a chocolate. Close your eyes and feel the taste. Don't see or hear or think anything else but just savour the taste of the chocolate your mouth.

Love Thyself.


“If only he had…” his mother sobbed.
Yes! This is a phrase we often use to shift the responsibility of our actions. But now it was more than that. It was not merely shifting the responsibility, but rather a cry of grief. He was the only boy, who bore all the hopes of his family. He was good; extremely talented, energetic and a pillar of hope and optimism. He came first in anything he ventured into. Many could not understand his ideology. Some criticized him. A few appreciated him. But none could really understand what and who he was. It is a fate of life that some are not understood as they deserve and some are more understood than what they deserve. Life is not always fair, so be it.
He was an idol for many to worship. Many wished if they could be him. He was second to none in whatever he ventured into. At college, he was involved in almost all the clubs. He was the best player in his hockey and football teams. He was a sprinter who left his fellow competitors meters behind him. He bagged first in state level javelin and discus throw…. Well, we will need a lot more time to talk about his abilities.
The tragedy happened when he decided to buy a motorcycle. He used to go for part-time jobs even during his school days and so he had money from which he also funded his education as he hailed from a poor family. He bought his first bike with his savings. He was thrilled, though it was a used one. He tried to prove his expertise on it. He never wore a helmet because he never thought he can ever get into an accident. He was coming home after his part-time job. He hit the vehicle in front and was thrown away. His head hit the ground first and he succumbed to his head injuries. ‘If only he had worn his helmet he would be alive now.’
A family lost its future. He was the only son and they looked upon him for their life. But he failed them by not wearing a helmet. We all go through different walks of life. We come across different situations in life ‘if only we give primary importance for our safety and that of others around us’, life can be longer, happier, and fuller.
Life is like jigsaw puzzle and we are all pieces in it. If we destroy ourselves by being careless, we lose our life and that of those around us. Do you love your family and your loved ones?


“Are you ready?” came a loud cry from the room.
“Yes”, replied I.
This was not my first time; still I am a bit nervous.
“Let’s go then.” Anto patted on my shoulder. I got up and went with him. We took the city bus and got down at the General Hospital. He guided me to the room. It was a room with three beds. Near each bed there were equipments to draw blood. A young lady came and smiled at me.
“Please lie down there.”
I chose the middle bed. As lied down, she came near me with a plastic bag to collect my blood. My vein was pocked and blood started to flow out of my body to the plastic bag through the pipe which connected me and the bag. She placed the bag on an equipment which started to rock. My blood started to fill the bag. After a few minutes, the bag was full of my life liquid. I got up and suddenly felt a little dizy.
“Don’t get up now. Rest a while.” She suggested.
“I am alright.” I replied.
Once I was out of the room, I could see a man with a tender coconut. He offered it to me, “Please drink it.” I took a sip from it. “It is for his daughter.” Anto introduced him to me. I smiled at him and drank the coconut water.
“She is in the ward.” The man said and showed the way. I was not interested to visit, but I followed. In the ward, I saw a 9-year-old girl who is very tired and weary. She smiled at me. “So she is the one who will receive my blood.” I thought to myself. There was something angelic about the girl. She was from a poor family but that did not determine who she is. She brightened wherever she was. The innocent smile had many things to tell. I could feel my heart filled with something I cannot express. It was later I understood that it was the blessing of God for helping his angel to preserve a valuable life.
I have given many things to many people in my life. But that was the day my giving gave me more than I gave.


What is "failure"?

Is it a word?

An idea?

A concept?

No. It is an attitude - an attitude towards anything. Every single incident which happens in our life turns into a success or failure depending on our attitude towards it. Abraham Lincoln failed 'n' number of times in his life. But his attitude converted all of them to experiences and his greatest success followed them. There are many of us who turn even success into failure with the attitude we have. We step away even after a small error. We never try anything else. Therefore, history loses them. Do you want to make history?

If 'Yes',