Have a life for yourself

We often have a life with a busy schedule. We are almost always occupied.

I challenge you to review your day. Take each word you spoke and every action of yours and see what or whom those actions and words stand for. May be for your boss or institution you work for, or your friend, or your colleague, or your customer, etc.

Out of the many words you spoke how many of them were about you which make you a better person or feel your worth, or something which make you feel worth living and working. How many actions made you proud of yourself? What you did directly for your benefit or that of those loving ones of your family?

We always say 'think of others'. 'Think of them in their shoes'. But my question is...

If we don't think for ourselves who will?

If we don't speak for ourselves who will?

If we don't act for ourselves who will?

God said, "love thy neighbour as thyself". We need to love ourselves first in order to love others. We need to feed our stomach to get energy to feed others. We need to feel good about ourselves to feel good about others.

So stop now and say to yourself " I love you not for 'what you are' but for 'who you are' ". Buy yourself a chocolate. Close your eyes and feel the taste. Don't see or hear or think anything else but just savour the taste of the chocolate your mouth.

Love Thyself.