“Are you ready?” came a loud cry from the room.
“Yes”, replied I.
This was not my first time; still I am a bit nervous.
“Let’s go then.” Anto patted on my shoulder. I got up and went with him. We took the city bus and got down at the General Hospital. He guided me to the room. It was a room with three beds. Near each bed there were equipments to draw blood. A young lady came and smiled at me.
“Please lie down there.”
I chose the middle bed. As lied down, she came near me with a plastic bag to collect my blood. My vein was pocked and blood started to flow out of my body to the plastic bag through the pipe which connected me and the bag. She placed the bag on an equipment which started to rock. My blood started to fill the bag. After a few minutes, the bag was full of my life liquid. I got up and suddenly felt a little dizy.
“Don’t get up now. Rest a while.” She suggested.
“I am alright.” I replied.
Once I was out of the room, I could see a man with a tender coconut. He offered it to me, “Please drink it.” I took a sip from it. “It is for his daughter.” Anto introduced him to me. I smiled at him and drank the coconut water.
“She is in the ward.” The man said and showed the way. I was not interested to visit, but I followed. In the ward, I saw a 9-year-old girl who is very tired and weary. She smiled at me. “So she is the one who will receive my blood.” I thought to myself. There was something angelic about the girl. She was from a poor family but that did not determine who she is. She brightened wherever she was. The innocent smile had many things to tell. I could feel my heart filled with something I cannot express. It was later I understood that it was the blessing of God for helping his angel to preserve a valuable life.
I have given many things to many people in my life. But that was the day my giving gave me more than I gave.

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